The Business Of Snail Farming

Many times; we fight a big battle within our hearts when it relates to embracing snail farming as a business.
Snail farming, often overlooked but highly lucrative, stands out as a sustainable agribusiness opportunity in Nigeria. Also referred to as heliculture, it involves the cultivation of edible snails for both human consumption and cosmetic applications.

Snails are not only a popular delicacy but also a nutritious choice, being rich in protein, phosphorus, calcium, and iron while being low in fats, sodium, and cholesterol. This combination makes them a healthy meat option, suitable for various dietary preferences.

Well, I hope it is well understood that Agriculture is different from Agribusiness but for the sake of passionate entrepreneurs, let’s quickly look at the difference between the two “Acts”.
AGRICULTURE is the science and act of cultivating crops and livestock .
AGRI-BUSINESS is the business of Agricultural production. Often, Agriculture requires a lot of expertise which aggregates based on the practices that have been adopted by the farmer but agribusiness on the other hand combines both business skills with farming skills with the versatile operating sector which a new farmer can operate at minimal risk. Operating sectors such as Input supply, breeding, crop production, distribution, processing, value addition, etc; are a good focal point for a new prospective farmer to function well.
One big advantage of these animals is that they can be easily exported alive and can stay fresh for two to six months. There are different kinds of snails, but three types—Achatina Fulica (East African land snail), Achatina Achatina (Giant Ghana snail or Giant tiger snail), and Archachatina Marginata (Giant West African snail)—are commonly raised, according to Douglas Smart Chukwudi, the founder of Stream Snail Tech in Lagos.
Now that you have known the differences between these two mastery words; It is much more interesting for you to understand the business of snail farming. In simple terms, we can say that it’s safer to make money from the business of snail farming at minimal risk.

Here are some areas you can make extra income from the business of snail farming:

Snail Merchandise (Trading):
This involves buying snails in bulk at lower prices and selling them individually at higher retail prices. It’s a traditional practice that’s been around for a long time.

Snail Processing:

Adding extra value to the snails will increase their worth. Selling the snails as an innovative by-product of different flavors such as peppered snail, oven-dried snails, canned snails, Snail fries, snail kebabs, etc, is a good way to make quick returns to odd snails.

Input Supplies:
Supplying inputs such as; mulching materials, Loamy soil, Calcium, Formulated feeds, etc to snail farmers are amazing way of making extra income.

Snail Slime:
Slime extraction in snails has not been explored at all in West Africa. Innovatively embracing this loop is a great way to make money because the cosmetic industry highly seeks snail slime.

Snail Fluid:
The snail fluid contains active ingredients that help to suppress blood pressure. Tapping into this “neglected goldmine” will be a huge way to wealth because the pharmaceutical industry needs this.

Snail Intestine:
The snail intestines are highly rich in fibers and crude protein content which can be processed to increase their shelf life and sell as an “alternative protein source” in livestock feeds.

Snail Shell:
While often seen as waste, snail shells can be used for water treatment, as a calcium source for livestock, or in art and decoration, providing additional revenue streams.

Snail Extracts:
Snails store food inside a special structure called “crop”. This crop contains special digestive enzymes which are rich in “beneficial bacteria”. Innovative research on this may produce a vaccine used to cure cancer and asthma.

In a nutshell, while waiting for your snails to grow, you can harness some huge income from the business of snail farming.

Feel free to drop a comment if you have any questions.

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