Snail Farming In Nigeria The Best Snail Farm To Choose

Snail Farming In Nigeria: The Best Snail Farm To Choose

Snail farming, also known as Heliciculture is the practice of raising or rearing edible snails for commercial or personal consumption purposes. Snails farming in Nigeria is becoming the next big thing in Agriculture which makes snails one of the most sort after edible animals today because of its nutritional value and composition. Snails have a wide range of uses; from food purposes to skincare and medicine etc.

It is no longer news that snail farming is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria. Though it didn’t get so much visibility and attention at its inception, it is fast becoming an industry on its own. Therefore, it is essential to get the best guidance on snail farming if you would like to venture into Heliciculture in Africa, especially on a large scale. This level of sustainable snail farming practices can only be obtained from NGsnails.

The King of Snail Farming in Nigeria: NECTAR GREEN SNAILS (NGsnails)

NGsnails is your best plug for all your snail needs in Nigeria; dealing in the Giant land snails to snail feeds that will help your snails grow better and Point of lay snails. Over time, they have developed innovative snail farming techniques that will help your snails thrive well in this dynamic climate condition in Nigeria and West Africa as a whole.
Times and seasons are changing, the economy is dwindling by the minute, but one thing is sure; Agriculture will be the lifesaver that will cushion the effects of the looming recession. Aspects of agriculture where little or no attention has been paid to will be a focal point of survival and sustenance, one of those products is SNAIL FARMING.
Why wait till the whole process of change evolves when you can get started now and get ahead of the situation?
NGsnails will train and mentor you on how to run a successful CMD368 snail farming business using innovative farming techniques.

Why Choose NGsnails?

Quality Snail Products

At NGsnails, our core values are; Innovation, Sustainable Agriculture, Healthiness, Positivity, Honesty, Responsibility and Teamwork. Simply put, all these core values are what we give you each time you contact us to set up your snail farm or consult for your farm.
Taking a closer look at the products we offer; we breed our snails indigenously and watch them grow from baby snails to giant-sized jumbo snails. We sell these snails in bulk either as live snails or as processed (or cleaned) snails; Interestingly, you don’t ibcbet login need to worry about your distance or location, we ship your orders down to your location!

We also sell grilled snails which are healthy snail packs with less than 10% moisture content and can last up to 6 months on shelf without getting spoilt. Our grilled snails are unique because we do not use smoke nor flame to grill the snails. But rather, we use an air-dry chamber to grill the snails which in turn conserves the nutrients and gives the product a unique crunchy taste.

Best Consultation And Farm Set -Up Services

At NGsnails, we are interested in your farm growth as such, you can always trust us with your commercial-scale farm setup and be rest assured that the productivity trend on your farm will yield more profit for you. Our Research and Development team are always on edge with relevant information on snail farming which takes the burden of trial-error off your shoulders. There is a step-by-step guide for your farm each time casino online we consult for you and we offer practical hands-on training on the farm which will give you an insight on how to breed snails.
Invariably, we run long term investment packages and you get your ROI together with your principal at the end of one production cycle which is usually a year.

Youth Empowerment

As one of the fastest-practitioners of snail farming in Nigeria, our goal is to empower youths and women across Africa with hands-on knowledge about snail farming and how to operate in the value chain of the snail farming business. As such, we are reducing unemployment and promoting gender equality while putting an end to hunger.
With viable testimonies from satisfied customers, we are confident to say that our services are customer-focused and we aim to please. Let’s do snails.
Are you considering your retirement plan? snail farm is what you should consider. We are readily available to help you and answer all your questions. Call us NOW or send an email and a consultant will be assigned to work with you.

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14 Responses

  1. Thanks for your contribution on the above subject. How do l get point of laying and the feeds you sell (Shellof). I will let you know other things l need to ask as the situation arises. Thanks

  2. I am really interested in this venture.
    However what are the potential risk/threats associated with snail farming and sure ways to mitigate the risk/threats

    1. Good evening, I was told that tyre method can also be adopted for snail housing, is it true and if it is true, how can one go about it? Thanks.

  3. I am really interested in this venture.
    However what are the potential risk/threats associated with snail farming and sure ways to mitigate the risk/threats.

  4. Good day sir,my name is Timmy, am keeping some snails here I live please I want to know how to hatch the snails eggs and how to raise the young ones. How much is the shellof thanks

  5. I am really interested in this venture.
    However what are the potential risk/threats associated with snail farming and sure ways to mitigate the risk/threats, and there chance of survival in the north.

  6. Good morning. Thanks for the information provided. I will go through and practice, and require clarification where I fall short.

  7. i am thinking of setting up a snail farm, but i need guidance and proper consultation.
    can a professional please contact me via email

  8. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am a fourth year student in Bachelor of Sciencenc Agriculture from Rivers State University and am currently looking for internship placement to gain more skills and working experience.
    I will be grateful to be considered the opportunity to intern at your company that is highly regarded and growing.

  9. Your post on snail rearing was very interesting.
    Can you assign someone to personally guide me to start up?
    Waiting for your response.

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