Years Researching on snails and its value chain.

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We are an Agribusiness brand involved in the production, processing and packaging of Healthy, tasty, naturally-grazed, free range Giant snails.

Your health is dearly important to us and we use safest natural breeding techniques to produce great snail meat quality.

We strongly believe that youths play a vital role in ensuring food security, zero hunger and gender equality as such; we have a strong dedicated team comprising of youths with vast knowledge in Animal science, Molecular Biology, Plant science, IoT etc each person contributing to innovative ways of producing more snails all year round without the use of chemicals


We run an Organic Farming Model.

With our integrated farming systems, we use the safest, organic farming techniques to raise snails using natural models from production stage to processing stage.

We supply quality snail meat for household consumption, large scale distribution chain and export market.

Live Jumbo Snails

Our JUMBO SNAILS are raised organically with more healthy flesh covering the snail shell and weighs an average 350 grams

Freshly processed snails

We use lemon and salt to clean our snails; giving it a firm meat and a unique crunchy taste.

Dried snails

Our snails are dried using the safest method of air-drying process and contains zero smoke

From organic snail feeds to point of lay snails and consultancy, We’ve got you covered. Explore our products

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Take an online Snail farming video course to understand the importance, benefits, and impact of snail farming. Start gaining the advanced knowledge you need to tackle current and future challenges in this growing industry


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Learn about snail production techniques, snail processing and sustainable snail farming

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