The Business Of Snail Farming

Many times; we fight a big battle within our hearts when it relates to embracing snail farming as a business.Snail farming, often overlooked but highly lucrative, stands out as a sustainable agribusiness opportunity in Nigeria. Also referred to as heliculture, it involves the cultivation of edible snails for both human consumption and cosmetic applications. Snails […]

What You Must Know Before Launching Your Snail Farm: Key Factors for Success!

Learn how to start your successful snail farm with this beginner’s guide! Discover easy tips on snail care, housing, and creating the perfect environment for your slimy snails. So, you’ve seen a snail and thought, “Maybe I can make money off that?” Well, you are onto something! Snail farming, fancy name and all is becoming […]

Understanding And Addressing The Health Of Your Snails: Common Issues And Solutions

Are you concerned about the health of your snails? As a snail farmer looking to improve in your snail farming techniques, it’s essential to fully understand the factors that can affect the well-being of these fascinating creatures. In this comprehensive guide, we will look into common issues that can make your snails look unhealthy and […]

Causes Of Slow Snail Growth

So you’ve started your snail farming adventure, and you’re eager to see those little guys grow big and strong. But what if their growth seems, well, a little sluggish? Many new snail farmers ask questions like, “How long will it take for my snails to grow from babies to adults?” “Are snails slow growers?” “Why […]


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