How To Make Profit From Snail Business In Nigeria

How To Make Profit From Snail Business In Nigeria

One of the biggest questions that troubles every business owner and other people by extension is ‘”How To Make Profit: Despite this raging question, money is being made in its millions on a daily basis. What this implies is that you have to know what to do, where to invest in and the accurate time. Agriculture has been for ages a sector that never fails to yield returns; one of which is snail farming.

If you are a business-minded person your intuition must be screaming business opportunity right now; well, you are definitely right. The snail market is not so competitive because matured snails are as expensive as 1000 naira in restaurants. Snail farming is the way to go if you need a different stream of income; though it demands a lot of patience.

The State Of Snail Business in Nigeria

Agriculture in Nigeria today is taking a turn for the better because there are loans for farmers and relief from investors; sustainable agriculture you can invest this money is Snail Farming. The focus so far has been on farm food products like yam, tomatoes, and vegetables etc. which are all good. An aspect people are yet to pay attention to is the snail farming business.

Snails have been part of Nigerian families diet for centuries now and the only source of getting it is handpicking on farms during the rainy season. The narrative has however changed with the development of the few snail farms around the nation; though they still are not enough to go round.

Researches have shown that snail farming is a profitable business in Nigeria and it can be started with a little capital and dedication to work. Snails are in high demand because they are rich in a lot of essential minerals and nutrition casino online that the human body needs. Established snail farms attest to the fact that snail farm is a very lucrative business and they make millions of naira although its a seasonal animal.
How to Make Profits from Snail Business in Nigeria

There is a saying that if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go with people. This saying is as well true in the business world as some of these people will pave and show you the way; this is what we offer at Nectar Green snails (NGsnails)
Starting a snail business in Nigeria is not as important as its continuation until there is a success because you might not hit that jackpot at the first or second year. What this means is that snail farming requires a lot of patience and consistency; you must be happy doing the same thing all over till you get the desired result CMD368.

Though snail is a free gift of nature, it has its season and you must understand how it works, if this is not done, frustration might set in causing you to lose your investments. Highlighted below are how to set-up your snail farm:
Decide on the Specie of snail you want to rear: the first step to making profits from heliciculture is deciding on the specie of snail to rear. This is because snails are cold-bolded animals and can only thrive in cold regions. Major snail species that thrive well in warm regions like Nigeria is the Achatina achatina.

Getting a farm space, a comfortable cold farm is a necessity. Though snails are hermaphroditic in nature, i.e. has both male and female reproductive organs, this will be quite useless to you if they are not comfortable in the environment they are in. Hence provided farm should be one that is cold even at dry season. The farmland has to be spacious to avoid overcrowding and escape-proofed because snails can escape easily

Order for snails: at this stage, you decide the snails you would like to rear, i.e. newly hatched or one month old. Once your snails have been delivered, you sort them into different sizes and put them on designated parts of the farm to rear.

Purchase organic feeds: these are non-chemical feeds that help you nurture your snails ibcbet login and prevent them from dying or feeding on one another. The type of feed they eat changes as they mature, up to the point of sale. It is important to note that there are organic feeds you can give your snails that wouldn’t cost you a dime, like pawpaw leaves. Once these criteria are met and your snails are matured, you are ready to harvest tons of snails and certainly, the question of “how to make profit”gradually becomes a reality when you start to make sales

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The Cost of Snail Farming in Nigeria

There is no business that doesn’t need a capital to start, snail farming is no different. The cost of snail farming in Nigeria largely depends on the number of snails you want to produce. You can snail a snail farming business with 60,000- 100,000 naira, from the scratch to finish.
The important expenses for snail farming are farmland or housing, buying of snails, feeds, nurturing, marketing, transportation, etc. it is possible to produce millions of snails twice a year because of the accessibility of Archatina archatina species of snails. These types of snails lay about 200 to 400 eggs at a time and two times in a year.

If all the eggs hatch and are successfully nurtured to growth, that’s a lot of production and that equals to massive sales. If you nurture 50 snails and they produce 200 snails each, 50*200= 10,000. Each matured snail is sold for the minimum of 250 Naira, 10,000*250= 2,500,000. Yes, it’s possible to make that much at a go with our R&D training at NG Snails.

Other Ways To Make Profit From Snail Business

Snail market in Nigeria is not just limited to snail meat. Every part of a snail is a source of income as it is in demand by different kind of people. It’s safe to say that snail market is limitless and so profitable in Nigeria. Profits can be made from snail shells; used for arts, snail slime; essential in skin care products or treatment for stretch marks, snail livers, waste, etc.


Rearing snails and making desired profits in summer (dry season) has been pronounced impossible by experts because snails only mate in a cold region. We are glad to tell you that we have snails mate during hot weather at NG snails because we have experts who have cracked the cold to this and we produce snails in season, out of season, all year round.

We can help you achieve this also such that you never run out of business. All you need to do is to contact us today about our R&D Training where professionals will tutor you on how to set up your farm and stay in business for as long as you please


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